146.43 FM net report — 12 check-ins.

     Conditions must have been down a little because KC9NJP from Portage was rough copy — usually he’s S2-3.  N9NMS from just west of Gurnee, IL was also very tough to reach.  

    Guys like KC9NJP, plus W0FAY Bill from Dubuque, and also WV9E and W9HQ from La Crosse have been making steady progress getting the word out in areas from Madison and west.   I think come springtime, we’re going to have a reliable base of FM simplex/SSB guys on 2 meter from the whole area surrounding SW WI.    It also looks like they’ll be getting their own net — probably on FM simplex, and probably out of La Crosse.   A ridgetop station out there would have big reach.   Very exciting.    When/if I hear something firm, I will certainly help get the word out.  
   The best thing we can have for the V/UHF bands is many circles of activity in different directions.  

    Last night’s net had:   
    KM4G and KC9KPV Germantown;  KG9FC, KC9PQF, KC9IJJ, WB9TFH and later KX9N all Milwaukee;  N9NMS Round Lake Park, IL — about 5 miles west of Gurnee;  WS9I Waukesha;  KC9NZR West Bend and W9GA Colgate.   N9NMS was also rough copy, but thanks for listening Jim. 

     Plan on me making some updates either today or this weekend.   Probably need to repost the Wishlist for 2010 articles because they’ve slipped back several pages.   I have some new Wishlist items that I’ll share soon.

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