222 Tuesday and 144 nets Wed. are *ON*. 146.43 FM simplex *ON* Thur.

   Putting the word out that this week’s activities are *ON* as usual.   
   If you need more detail, scroll down thru the pages until you get to anything with “222 Tuesday” in the title or “144.240/144.250”.    
    This was from a Jan 18 post:   
    TUESDAY –  222 Tuesdays are always *ON*.   General activity night for everyone/everywhere on the 220 band.   Activity’s been zeroing in on the 0100-0400Z area.    Get on/near 222.100 SSB/CW or 223.500 FM.   Call CQ, swing beams, look around and include others.   This is gaining momentum, which is great to see.   Keep spreading the word and having fun with it.   Most are using the 222 Prop Logger  http://dxworld.com/220prop.html.    I still say the www.on4kst.com chat has more functionality, but I know how it is trying new things.    The main thing is to keep the 222 activity going.    Several fellows have been emailing me with updates from their region — thanks.

        I would like to add that if I’m on for 222 Tuesday, you will see me in the www.on4kst.com chat.   N8WNA and KC8QAE are also in chat, when they are on.  

    There’s a post from Jan. 20 with detail about the 144.240 and 144.250 SSB nets:  

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