N3FJP says 27297 claimed score. 235 Q’s x 81 mults

    It’s 7:40am Monday.    My last Q was made at 4:09pm yesterday, because of the Vikings/Saints football game.   (All radio gear is out in a detached shed so all I do out there is radio, and the house stays “normal”.     And I can play all night if I want without bothering a soul.   Like that arrangement very much.)

    I actually had a lower score than last January, which is weird.    I’ll have to reread some of my emails from back then and figure out the difference.   Last year, my main rotor was dying and was as good as toast by the end of the ‘test.   I was using some choice words to help encourage it toward light stations off the side.   (Another good reason to play radio outside of the house)    

     Off the top of my head I’d say the differences were: 
    1)  I didn’t play the last 6 hours this year.   
    2)  Didn’t work (or hear) several grids I got last year.   
    3)  On Sunday, at least, seemed like IA, OH, MI and IN were all but dead.   I mean, I always get some MI, just because it’s right across the lake.   Often times, I hear MI stations off the side and then swing that way.   But I didn’t get into Detroit at all, or VE-land, or Cleveland.   It may have been conditions.   I know they had rain most of the day.   Lord knows I called CQ on Sunday a ton.    I called CQ in every possible direction, on/near 144.190 and 50.125-140 for hours.   
    4)   Had a lot of local FM Q’s last year.   This year, that effort largely failed.  I won’t keep working on the FM program unless there’s a demand for it.   They have to show some initiative, too.    I also understand that plenty of guys just don’t enjoy contests.   Lord knows 70-90% of contesters don’t check into nets.   I get that mentality because I used to pretty much contest only.   I had to make a conscious decision to do nets.   I have dreams about contesting, but not nets.  🙂  There’s many ways to enjoy V/UHF and improve activity levels.    Go with the approach you like.    But please do something, even if it’s just a little.   It all adds up.  
    5)   1296 was working last year.   ARRL assigns higher point values per Q to higher bands.  
      Again, Saturday in S WI and N ILL was a whole different story.    That was busy, busy, busy.    Read down a few posts for the whole picture.  

      Band-by-band breakdowns:
     50    78 Q’s in 22 grids
   144   75 Q’s in 20 grids
  222   32 Q’s in 14 grids
  432   40 Q’s in 16 grids
  902   10 Q’s in 9 grids    

    I had 165 Q’s in 10 hours of operating on Saturday, and 70 more in 10 hours on Sunday.  

   Sunday highlights were:   Found N8LIQ EN56, who was having SWR issues with frozen junk on the antennas.    Worked N0AKC in EN44 on 4 bands.    Found W9SZ/P in EN50, out in the wind.    Because Zach runs QRP he was quiet, but workable with not too much difficulty on 144 thru 902.     He was the only EN50 I had.   Found N8ZM from EN80.   Only Ohio worked all contest.   And as usual, N8ZM was very strong.    Tried doing the yak-yak thing with him for 5-10  minutes because it was dead, and I wanted some guys up here to know he was down there.   I also wanted to get some other OH stations looking our way.    But it didn’t work.    Perhaps everyone that way was watching the Colts game.   Heard someone mention K8TQK’s call on 144.200 about 2200Z on Sunday, and I swung beams to the SE to intercept, but never did figure out where he was.

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  1. Walter Smart Says:

    Hi Todd and glad we connected during the contest…432 SHOULD have been a lot better as the antenna is stacked, above the 2M beam and I push more than 100 watts on that band, with a mast-mount pre-amp. The difference: Probably all the trees between me and you. Lousy weather, but it is January, hi. Your scoring totals much better than my own BUT I did have a high point….
    I was scanning 6 meters and hearing absolutely no one. I am usually a pouncer, but had no choice and did a half-hearted “CQ contest” right on 50.125. To my complete shock, out of the noise and nearly 5-9, returned VY2SS, on the very western tip of Prince Edward Island. FN76 is not a new grid for me, but it showed that this band can live, even when dead (sounding)! (Elusive FN87 is nearby, which we have operated w/o success, as it is all but a sliver and no high land from which to operate.) I still love contesting but this one had its slow moments, often with weak signals from just the next grid over.
    73 and continued tnx for all your efforts. –Walt N8PVT