Plenty of Sunday and Monday Night VHF/UHF Activity

    Every Sunday and Monday night, there’s activity from IL, MN, MI and MO.    

    Starting at 7pm local Sunday/0100Z  on 144.250, you have the K9TMS SWOT net out of EN52wi, far NE ILL.    I’ve checked into this net and it’s open to everyone.   It’s good that Chicago has 2 options.   The other being N9JBW’s successful Q5 net on 144.220 every Thursday at 7pm local/0100Z.    Look toward EN61, South side of Chicago.   

    NLRS ( has active SSB nets on at least 6 and 2 meters Sunday nights.   Both net controls have good stations and enjoy hearing from everybody.   K0SIX Vince is on 50.175 at 0230Z, from EN35, about an hour north of the Twin Cities.   KA0PQW Matt is on 144.260 at 0300Z, from EN33, far southern Minnesota.   If NLRS’s 222 and 432 nets are still active, can someone send me the times and freq’s?  
     K8NFT Bob calls a 144.155 net from EN62, SW Lower MI, and this one starts at 9:30pm eastern/0230Z. 
     In addition, I have seen info that there is a 6 meter SSB net from Lower MI on Sundays.   Says it’s hosted by N8QEM from EN72au on 50.150 at 0200Z.   Does anyone have info on this net?

     On Mondays, you have N0PB Phil from EM39, North-central MO with a big signal on 144.250.   He calls CQ with omni big wheels from 0145-0200 and then switches to a yagi pointing S at 0200; E at 0215; N at 0230; W at 0245 and back to S at 0300.  
     Monday night also has the only 432 activity I’m aware of in the Upper Midwest.   N4PZ fires up a big 432 station from EN52gb, a bit west of Rockford, IL.   I’m not sure what directions he points at what times, but I do know 5-15 of them get on 432.100 at 0200Z, and he works guys 400 miles away, when they’re pointing right at each other.   I need to get in there some night and say hello.   I also know some guys QSY to 432.110 to work each other.   Check the 432 Prop Logger.

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