Wish List for 2010 and Beyond Item #2

    I sort of hesitate to put this one out in public, because it involves me improving.    I’ve wondered for some months about doing video updates to the website.   Thing is, I have no idea how, or which website or program would be best for this application.   The other thing is that I like being able to do website updates without making any noise or having to be presentable to the public.   So I’m unsure whether to move forward with video updates.  
    The thing is, though, I can tell from getting to know a variety of hams that a lot of you aren’t very comfortable with the written word, or with doing a lot of reading.    I know a lot of people who would rather watch something than read about it.   So if I did do video updates, I think I’d reach a wider audience, which is very important for improving VHF/UHF activity levels.  

     I’m requesting help on this topic from you readers.   Use the “contact me” button at the top and tell me what you think.   Are video updates a good idea?   I’d also need to know exactly how to do this.   I have no webcam, no microphone, etc.    Hell, I still haven’t learned how to put any photos up on the computer!   I don’t know if YouTube is good enough, or if there are other places that are better.   I would also have to make updates thru a site that other hams can easily use.    These sorts of things generally give me a dull headache, so that’s why I’ve been dragging my feet.    Useful advice will be appreciated.

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