Wish List for 2010 and Beyond — Item #4

    I wish that all weak-signal VHF/UHF’ers would reset their all-time grids worked to zero at the start of a new year.   Can’t tell you how many times I hear on the air something like, “Ah, no need to contact (insert callsign here) — I’ve worked that grid already.”   
     Veteran V/UHF’ers know what I’m talking about.    You run out of new and interesting things to work, and as a result, you do less and less on the air.   This decreases overall activity levels.   And newer guys who are getting on the air can lose interest because there’s not enough activity.     See where that whole scenario is heading?  

     To me, the cure is simple.   Treat every year as a completely new start on your grid counts.   Reset everything to zero, and act as though you’re just getting on the bands for the first time, with an empty grid map at your side.   You’ll be a far more active VHF’er for it. 

     Even if you can’t entirely convince yourself to be this enthusiastic, stop thinking about yourself for a bit.   Instead, think of the dozens of new guys we’ve gotten on V/UHF over the past year and a half.   Those newer guys still need to work the veterans.   You, as a veteran, may be DX to someone new.   Make the start of each new year a time where you get on the air and make contacts, even with those you’ve worked many times before.  

    Central States VHF Society  http://www.csvhfs.org/  promotes this idea with their annual “States Above 50 MHz Award” program.    http://www.csvhfs.org/CSVHFTST.HTML   Anyone is free to join Central States and to also participate in the States Above program.   I am a CSVHFS member and the annual conference this year is in St. Louis area, in late July.   I was at the CSVHFS conferences in 2006 in Minneapolis and 2009 in Chicago and both were an excellent time.
    I have also participated in the States Above 50 MHz Award program and made some impressive counts.   It’s a nifty idea for creating more on-air activity.   

  Consider resetting your all-time grid counts to zero to start every year.   It’ll make the airwaves a lot busier.   
  If you were part of the good opening 2 weekends ago, you already have some tasty new grids for 2010 in your log.    Keep expanding on that as we go thru the rest of this year.

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