144.240 and 144.250 SSB nets Wed. are *OFF*

    Since Mark and I are unable to take the nets Wed. 2/24, we’ve put out a call for anyone, anywhere who wants to create their own activity.   I’d choose 144.240 at 0100Z first, because that net has clearly had consistent numbers from a wide area.    Most folks by now are tuned into that freq. starting at 0100Z in the east, 0130 or so to the south, and 0140-0200 to the west and north.    Problem is, nobody’s contacted me to say they’re willing to help, so I guess you’re on your own.   
     Main thing is it’s a waste to have 15-30 guys tune into a dead frequency, nobody says anything, and then nothing happens.     I wish when the nets have to be off that a bunch of guys would just open up, contest-style, and see who all is around.    If Detroit/Cleveland, plus that good Indy area, plus St. Louis/KC, plus Omaha/Lincoln all got on and CQ’d, looking around, you’d have one heck of a night on 2m SSB.   Of course, I’d hope the closer-to-home-guys — talking WI/ILL/IA/MN — would participate, too.  

     Get in the www.on4kst.com  144/432 chat room Wed. night and someone do something.   Have fun, make noise, swing beams around and call CQ on 144.240.   QSY up/down if you have to, once contact is established.

2 Responses to “144.240 and 144.250 SSB nets Wed. are *OFF*”

  1. John K9RZZ Says:

    Might I suggest the promotion of halos and other omni directional antennas for nets (all users). Like you say, there’s not much fun listening to white noise. Perhaps if folks would transmit on the halo so their voice is broadcast over a wide area, and listen on the beam, it might be more fun. The 75 meter nets have good numbers because they can all hear each other. 2 meter nets are tough because often you can hear the NCS, but no one else. Yawn.

    My .02

    Good DX!

    John K9RZZ

  2. Bob, W9EWZ Says:

    KB0HH (EN06), KB9WZJ (EM69), KB9RDS (EM79), WV9E (EN43) and I (EN61)showed up on the chat and on .240 Wednesday evening. No luck in contacting KB0HH in OK. Not the best band condx. There may have been some others on frequency as well, but they were not on the chat. Thanks to all who tried. We look forward to your return to the net next wek.
    73, Bob W9EWZ