146.43 FM Simplex Net Report — 6 check-ins

   Low numbers but nice net tonight.   Plenty to talk about. 
   We had:
   KM4G, KG9FC, KX9N, W9GA and KC9NZR all EN53 and N9LOH in from EN52, Walworth Co.  
   Thanks for coming out and playing.   I think a lot of us (including me) are ready for warmer weather and better band conditions.   When it happens, it will be most welcome.  

   I’m going to bury a little nugget in here for faithful readers of the website.   I’ll make a bigger announcement down the road, but you may as well be the first few to know that I’m going to go forward with promoting and sponsoring a Worked All Wisconsin Counties on V/UHF Award.    Many details to be worked out, but the basic idea is this:   There are 72 counties in WI, and if someone eventually works all 72 on any combination of V/UHF bands (50 MHz and above) they will earn themselves a very handsome plaque.  
   There will also be nice certificates you can earn for working at least 30 WI counties on V/UHF.   30 counties will be the entry level, and we’ll then award endorsements for your certificate for achieving (just a rough idea) 40, 50, 55, 60, 65 counties.   Something like that.   
   EDIT — Mar 6, 2010.   I’m now comfortable with having 20 WI counties be the initial endorsement level.   This 20 county level is mostly to encourage newer stations to improve their antennas and get out farther.   If you’re someone who can work 20 WI counties in one contest weekend, then maybe hold off requesting your certificate until you get to the 30-40 county level.   Save poor ol’ KC9BQA some paperwork.  🙂 
   Confirmation will have to be via QSL cards or LOTW (LogOfTheWorld) — if I ever learn how that works.  I’m sort of old school with paper cards, but I know times are changing.    
   EDIT — Mar 6, 2010.    I’m going to lighten way up on QSL cards.    If/when someone gets close to the 72 county level, I then reserve the right to require QSL cards for the last 10-15 counties, or for any counties where V/UHF activity is known to be low or non-existent.   In other words, if something seems fishy, I’ll investigate.   Especially for the plaque award at All 72 Counties.   
    Those getting certificates at the 20, 30, 40 county level will basically be on the honor system.    Submitting the call, mode, band, time and location/county will be sufficient for lower level certificates.  
   This is obviously a long-term deal.   The start date is Jan. 1, 2010.     There is no finish line as such.   I may define one down the road, but it would be at least a 2-3 year window.   It will require a lot of guys spreading the word to all corners of the state.   I hope I get lots of help in the word-spreading department.   Oh, in case readers outside WI are wondering if they can earn the certificate and/or plaque, yes, you are welcome to compete.   I imagine some of our earliest certificates will go to out-of-state 6m operators.   
    With the WI QSO Party coming up on March 14th, it seems like right now is a good time to get the ball rolling.  

   I’ve put this info up on the website, so now I have to follow thru with it.  🙂    I’ve been thinking about it since Dec. so it’s time to get going.    I’ll have more to announce shortly.    Anyone wants to comment, I’m all ears.   

   A big goal with Worked All WI Counties on VHF/UHF is to increase activity in all corners of the state.   On SSB, CW, FM simplex, digital modes, too.   Some counties will probably require portable or mobile activation.   If guys/gals will run with this, it could be very interesting.      I can sponsor and promote it some, but it will take a Wisconsin-wide effort to really make it work.    I will need a lot of help reaching out beyond southern WI.

One Response to “146.43 FM Simplex Net Report — 6 check-ins”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hi Todd.

    Good idea. Would encourage some rover activity too I bet. Let me know and I
    will help promote in my area.. I know there are alot of grid chasers, but having
    a smaller requirement of 10 countys or such may be a good way to incite the natives to riot (get out in numbers).
    I had blown off Thursday for some reason, never realizing I knew that new 222 net was starting. I’ll wake up eventually. See ya on the air.

    Dave, WV9E