Spring VHF/UHF Sprint Dates Announced — Save these nights

   I was poking around with Google yesterday and found info about the 2010 Spring Sprints.   They will run on the following dates.  
  144 —  Monday, April 12th  7-11pm your local time
  222 — Tuesday, April 20th  7-11pm your local time
  432 — Wednesday, April 28  7-11pm your local time
  Microwave sprints  (900Mhz and higher)  — Sat. May 1st  6am-1pm your local time.   
   50  —  Saturday, May 8th  6-10pm your local time

   The link to full info is at:   http://groups.google.com/group/springsprints/web/2010-announcement-rules

   The sponsor of these sprints is K9JK John from N ILL.   He’s roved in the V/UHF contests going back at least as long as I’ve been contesting (2003-04)   John’s a good friend of V/UHF and I’m very proud of him for stepping up and taking this responsibility.   We want to support the Spring Sprints so save these dates and start spreading the word.  

   For those who have no idea what a Spring Sprint is, here goes:   As you can see from the schedule, they are one-band, one-night deals.   No major time commitment, no disruption to your weekend, and no “running the bands” like we do in the ARRL multi-band contests.    It’s a different contesting format, and a little more casual than a full-blown ARRL contest.   It’s a great opportunity for newer contesters to get some experience.   The rules also encourage “rookie” operators, read up on the details at the link I provided.  
   Here in the Midwest, the sprints get strong participation.    I know the 144 sprint last year was the most enjoyable one so far.    I had 32 contacts in 17 grids, on a night with average propagation.  

   These sprints will have an exciting twist on scoring.   Trust me, it will really perk things up.  
   EDIT:   March 9th — Now the word is out that this year’s Spring VHF/UHF Sprints will have distance-based scoring for the first time ever.    Very exciting — whole new way to evaluate your station and your listening skills.   Full details about the distance-based scoring are within the Google Groups link up above.    

   Save these nights, and spread the word.

3 Responses to “Spring VHF/UHF Sprint Dates Announced — Save these nights”

  1. Walt Says:

    What great news, Todd! The new scoring method WILL make a much needed change and should make the sprints a lot more exciting. I have always liked the limited time/one band sprints, but they often suffered from lack of activity. I have entered all the dates in my planning book and hope to take part in each and every one. Tnx and 73, Walt N8PVT

  2. Jeff Says:

    Strikes me that you will only turn off even more folks from the sprints with these silly (IMHO) changes that solve little and add headache.

    I hope you can attract a new crowd of operators. Those of us that used to enjoy the sprints for their laid back simplicity, will be finding other things to do.

    Never seen a bunch of of “worry warts” more heck bent on destroying VHF+ Contesting.


  3. Les Rayburn N1LF Says:

    The “distance based scoring” gives those of us outside the Northeast a fighting chance in the competition, so I’m not sure why someone in the Southeastern region would be concerned about the rules change. Seems that it really levels the playing field.

    I too have noted the dates, and hope to participate in each one. Instead of going rover, I’ll likely operate portable from my nearby “high spot” on Locust Ridge in EM63nf. Please point your beams our way and listen for the weak ones.

    Hats off to all involved in organizing and running the Sprints. Like Jeff, I love the limited time format, and ease of single band competition. Compared to the big contests, the Sprints are a breeze and great for first time contesters. Hope to hear you all on the air.


    Les Rayburn, N1LF