144.240 and .250 nets *ON* Wed. night

    The long-range net is called by WB9LYH Mark in EN54cl, middle of WI.   He comes on 144.240 at 0000Z/7pm central, with stacked 17B2’s and 500 watts from a ridgetop location.    Routinely works Detroit/Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Omaha/Lincoln and north into EN58, Thunder Bay, ONT.    We are always looking for check-ins within 400-500 miles of WI.     The idea is to make this net a focus for 144 activity across a large area every Wed.    Please spread the word.   We are looking for more check-ins from SW ONT, W NY, W PA, OH, S IN, KY, S IL, all of MO, IA, NE, outstate MN, SD and ND.   Also U.P. of MI and southern VE.  
     Here’s how it works:
      At 0000Z, you guys out east want to be ready.   By 0015 or so, ‘LYH is turning SE, more toward OH and IN.   By 0030 or so, he’s turning S more toward WI/ILL/MO.   By 0045 or so, he’s more SW, toward IA/KS/NE/S MN.   By 0100, he’s west toward the Dakotas and Twin Cities.    All times approximate +/- number of check-ins – be patient and flexible.    WB9LYH is done at 0130Z, usually looking north at that time.

     The best way to keep track of all this is to join the free chat we use.   I type in frequent updates about where WB9LYH is pointing and who he’s working to the IARU Region 2 (USA/VE — all are welcome)  144, 222, 432 and up chat room at www.on4kst.com.    7 simple steps to get signed up to this free, no B.S. chat are at   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072   Save that info, and get yourself registered.   Once you are registered, you can join in the chat any time you care to.   We really have fun in there on Wed. nights.     The room is open 7/24/365, and over 540 hams have registered in less than two months.    Bring a buddy or two into the room and say hello.  

    You are also encouaged to use this chat yourself, to try and coordinate other activity on 144.230 and lower, with anyone, or on any other V/UHF bands.    Even if you have no hope of hearing WI, join the chat and get comfortable with a new way to make more contacts on V/UHF.    Again, the chat is for everyone.   

     I call the Badger Contesters net on 144.250, starting at 0130Z or 8:30pm central on Wed. nights.   I’m located in SE WI, 40 miles N of Milwaukee.   My net is turning into more of a S WI/NE ILL net.   If you’re DX, you are better off trying for WB9LYH.  (Or coordinating your own fun via the guys in the chat room)      
    What I do is gather a group of S WI/N ILL guys, and we have our roundtable for 30-60 minutes.    Lately, I’ve been calling it a night after we’re done with the roundtable.    

    The main thing is that between WB9LYH and I, we get 30-40 guys on the air weekly, which is exactly what V/UHF needs.    If hams in other areas start making their own contacts, we can make Wed. a can’t-miss night for 144 SSB.    If you want a Q with me, say so in the chat and I’ll try to point your way after 0200-0230Z.

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  1. Dave Says:

    I think readers should be looking out for possible enhanced conditions, high pressure
    off to the west and weird looking hepburn maps may prove to be something tonight.

    See ya on the air…


    Dave, WV9E