146.43 FM net report — 5 check-ins

   Cold, blustery day and night.   Hopefully this will be the last daytime high below 32F.  
   Tonight we had:
   KM4G   Marv  Germantown;  WD9ITJ  Bill Sussex;  KC9QNN/M  Mike  Grafton;  WB9TFH  Gil  West Allis;  W9GA  Ken Colgate.  
   Had fun ragchewing afterward.   WB9TFH was reporting all kinds of DX on 20, 17, 15 and 12m.   Guess 10m opened up this afternoon to 9-land, as well.   Might be time to check out the high HF bands, if you’re into that.

3 Responses to “146.43 FM net report — 5 check-ins”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hope you don’t mind if I comment here… had 6 check ins w/ the
    LaCrosse FM 146.46 net tonight. N9ETD, N9FDE, KC9IWE, K9WKW,
    W9RPM & WA9TS. With the exception of John, W9RPM, these are all hard cases… HF guys. I think we may get a convert in one of them…. atleast got’m talking on 2 meters w/o a repeater.


    Dave, WV9E

  2. Mike Says:

    Just wanted to say wish I could have stayed on and talked a little bit more. Maybe next week I can get in again.


  3. JD Says:

    Wet here too all dang day. Made a few contacts tonight on VHF SSB. Dave WV9E started out Q5 at S-5 and then slide down and back up a bit. Worked WB0NQD and K0JRD heard him on the over but the band just wasn’t staying up. Rough conditions no doubt. JD/N0IRS Activity is good!