222 Tuesday, 144.240 SSB Wed., 146.430 FM Thur. all *ON* This Week.

     So there’s your weekly lineup.   Tonight is 222 Tuesday.   This is a general nationwide activity night.   No single focus or net control.   Get on/near 222.100 SSB/CW, call CQ, swing beams, see who’s out there.   If you’re FM-only, do the same on/near 223.500.   As always, spread the word.   Goal is to have everyone with 1.25/1.35m gear to know about 222 Tuesdays.   
     Last week, I got email from a few fellows in the NE part of the country, saying that guys need to be aware of sliding off 222.100, to reduce congestion, and give others a shot at using the call freq.   This is good policy on any weak-signal band.   If you find yourself getting in a longer Q on any call frequency, please QSY.

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