6 Meters May Open Up This Weekend

    I’m getting email this morning (9-10am central) from a few SC and KY Television (broadcast band) DX’ers who are already getting E skip from Cuba, up to Channel 5.  

    Wouldn’t be surprised if 6 opens up soon or later on.   Heads up.

     6m band plan at www.smirk.org       Go to    http://www.smirk.org/opaids.htm  Make sure to read the text below the band plan.   Good stuff there.  

     Note that 50.125 is the call freq. on 6m SSB.   Definitely call short CQ’s there — if nobody called CQ the band would never be open!   But please move your QSO up above 50.125.   Also, there is nothing wrong with calling CQ up the band.   Don’t get in the habit of being a 50.125 crystal-bound station.     In a good band opening, 6m can be busy above 50.200, which is a blast.     
     Notice that 50.100-50.125 DX Window?   Many new guys to 6m figure that DX means something out of state.   Nope —  DX means out of the USA.    Unless you hear someone from the Caribbean, Mexico, or Europe (Alaska and Hawaii are DX, too) between 50.100-50.125, stay out of there.   Don’t work USA/USA or USA/VE in the DX window.   That’s how the pros roll, and I want you to be another smart 6m operator.

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