Known Tuesday V/UHF Activity in Midwest/Great Lakes

    Remember that every Tuesday is 222 Tuesday, which is a general 1.35m activity night for all of USA/VE.    No single area of focus, no net controls.    Get on/near 222.100 SSB/CW and call CQ, swing beams, see who’s out there.    If you’re FM-only, see how well you do on 223.500 FM Simplex.   
    Spread the word to everyone you know with 222/223 gear.    Most activity has been in the 0000-0300Z timeframe.    Because 222’ers tend to be spread out, many have been using to find more activity.   Of course, now that we have the 144, 222, 432 MHz and up chat room for USA/VE at, we encourage you to use that instead.   It’s a far better option.   7 simple steps for getting signed up are at

    If you’re looking for 6m and 2m activity on Tuesday nights, and you’re within 100-200 miles of SW Lower MI, then be aware of these nets:   (Also note that there is AM activity — only AM activity I personally know of in our region.)    

This info comes from Gary  K8BKB.   This info is also on his page.   Print it out and save it, if you’re wanting to do something on 2m or 6m on Tuesday nights. 

      Here’s the full line-up of nets out of Kalamazoo, MI (EN72 — SW Lower MI).  
Check out our West Michigan VHF nets:
TUE 7:15 PM Eastern–144.222Mhz–SSB Net–WJ8L Net Control K’zoo, MI 
TUE 8:00 PM Eastern–144.222 Mhz–Amplitude Modulation –WJ8L Net Control K’zoo, MI
TUE 9PM Eastern–50.3 Mhz–West MI Six Meter SSB net–K8BKB (K’zoo)
TUE approx. 9:30 Eastern–50.4 mhz–West MI Six Meter AM Net–K8BKB (K’zoo)
SUN 8:30 PM Eastern–50.4 Mhz–Six Meter Classic Radio Roundtable–K8BKB (K’zoo)

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