Many V/UHF options on Sundays in Upper Midwest/Great Lakes

   I am not aware of any regular V/UHF activity on Saturdays on any weak-signal band within 300 miles of SE WI.   If someone knows of any, please forward the details.  

    Sunday is a busy radio night with nets/activity.    A net that’s been on for months now is hosted by K9TMS Tom out of EN52wi, far NE ILL.   It’s a SWOT net ( and is on 144.250 SSB, starting at 7pm central.   He is horizontal, and gets a mix of polarities checking in.  

    The focus then shifts to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.    NLRS ( — is a great weak-signal website) hosts Sunday activity on multiple bands.    All times central. 
    K0AJL Andy in St. Paul (EN34kw) recently volunteered to perk up their 432.120 activity period, from 8:00-8:15pm.   Nice going Andy on keeping 432 alive. 
    N0KP Dave in Shakopee (EN34gt) often hosts on 222.120 from 8:15-8:30pm.
    K0SIX Vince in Big Bear Lake (EN35dj) reliably calls their 50.175 net from 8:30-9:00pm.   Very nice 6m signal from Vince.   Good guy, and always looking for more check-ins. 
    KA0PQW Matt in Ellendale (EN33iu) is on 144.260 (yes, .260) at 9:00pm.   Another good guy who wants check-ins from a wide area.   Not many on weak-signal from EN33, but I work Matt often in contests.  
    NOTE:   You may not want to rely on NLRS’s website regarding net details.   They seem to be outdated.   I’m going off what I’ve either a) heard with my own ears or b) read via recent email.     
    But if you want general weak-signal education, NLRS’s website is very good.   I especially recommend reading anything to do with Rovermania!   We should have more Rovermania! all across the USA.

    We’re not quite done with the Sunday lineup yet.   Also have 6m and 2m activity out of SW Michigan.  
    Sunday             8:00 P.M.      50.150 USB     N8QEM    (EN72au)
    Sunday             8:30 P.M.     144.155 USB    K8NFT     (EN62ws)
    Those times are also central.  
    Print this info out and save it.  
    I’ll talk about our Monday options in a future post.

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