Monday V/UHF activity — 144.250 and 432.100

     On Mondays, you have N0PB Phil’s SWOT net on 144.250.   Phil has a very nice station from EM39, North-central MO.   I hear him regularly at my QTH.   Phil’s been at this for many years, and gets many check-ins. 
     N0PB starts out on 144.250 at 7:45pm central, or 0045Z.   He calls for early check-ins for 15 minutes with a pair of omni loops.   At 8:00pm, or 0100Z, he switches to his yagi, calling south at first; then east about 0115; north about 0130; west about 0145 and back to south at 0200.  

    The 432.100 activity is hosted by N4PZ Steve from EN52gb, or just WSW of Rockford, IL.   Steve’s been coming on at 8:00pm central, or 0100Z, and I’m not entirely sure which directions he points at what times.   This isn’t so much a formal net as just some guys getting on 432 and creating activity.   
    N4PZ has a very strong station on 432, and gets out a long ways.   As you get higher in frequency, the beamwidths on the yagis become narrower.   You may think you’re not hearing anything from N4PZ, and then he turns the yagi your way and bam, you hear him well.  
   If you want more info about 432.100 Monday night activity, try    I imagine in time, most of the participants will start using the  144, 222, 432 and up chat room.    (IARU Region 2)

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