Need to Make Something Clear

     Want everyone to know that using chat is not necessary to enjoy VHF in general.   Or for enjoying our Wed. long-range nets, or anything else.   I know a lot of guys don’t have computers near the rigs.   Or they may just enjoy radio, with no other distractions.    The radios, the signals on the air are #1 priority.   Everything else is secondary. 
      I should remember to say this more often, but I forget.   Please enjoy V/UHF however you enjoy it.   If the chat is too “busy” or “assisted” for you, that’s understandable.   It’s not for everyone.     To me, chat is a powerful tool that can connect guys who wouldn’t otherwise know who all is on the air.    So if it helps activity, then I’m all for it.   But we have many net check-ins who I know couldn’t care less about internet chat, and that’s FB with me.

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