Sign-up Instructions for IARU Region 2 144/222/432 MHz and up chat page.    Everything you need is at that link.  

   This chat is a good place to learn how V/UHF works.   I know this because when I was getting started 7 years ago, I hung around the 6m chat page and soaked up info like a sponge.  
   Nowadays, I especially like using the chat to connect VHF’ers in distant areas, who can use chat to point their beam antennas at each other, and make contacts they’d never know were possible.  
   For now, the chat is busy on Wed. nights, for sure.   Last night (Thursday) was also busy, and Tuesdays should be as well.   I imagine guys will be using it plenty on weekends, of course.

   Please note that ON4KST is the creator and administrator of all rooms.   I’m simply a ham who had a notion to take the activity to the next level, promotion-wise.   I don’t own the room, the Midwest doesn’t own it, the room is open to all.   My biggest hope is come summer, we will have dozens and dozens in there from all parts of the country.

One Response to “Sign-up Instructions for IARU Region 2 144/222/432 MHz and up chat page.”

  1. Dave N9HF Says:

    Any one here on 222 mhz? Im getting set up for m.s. and cw/ssb on 222 and would like to let you guys know Im here making noise. Usually on early in the morning on Ping Jockey site.
    Dave N9HF
    Ormond Beach, Fl