Thursday SSB activity — 222 and 144

    Every Thursday, N ILL is a hotspot.      

   You have a long-running 144.220 SSB net hosted by N9JBW John from EN61, South side of Chicago.   He calls it the Q5 net, and it starts at 7pm central/0000Z.    Nice active net, very friendly and N9JBW is always looking for new check-ins.      I’m told he starts out looking E, then goes CCW, or N, then W, then S. 

   If you want to play 222 SSB on Thursday nights, you now have a newer net hosted by NT9E, Dave in EN52vi, McHenry, IL.    Dave gets on 222.100, and calls CQ, starting out S, and goes CCW, calling every 15 degrees.     Because this is a 222 net, not many will know about it unless you — yep, here goes KC9BQA again –  spread the word.

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