432/440 MHz Sprint This Wednesday

http://groups.google.com/group/springsprints/web/2010-announcement-rules  is the link to the Spring Sprints website.   These sprints are sponsored by our roving buddy K9JK John from the Chicago area.   We want to support the sprints in any way we can.  

This Wed. from 7-11pm is the 70cm sprint.   90-95% of the activity will be on SSB, using horizontally-polarized antennas.   Most of that activity will be concentrated from 432.070-432.130 MHz (this isn’t an absolute, just a guideline).   Most guys have gain yagis and swing their beams in various directions, calling CQ frequently.    If you have FM gear, by all means, put calls out 446.000 FM.   With persistence, you’ll probably work a few contacts.  

Any sprint questions, ask away.   I love helping out newer contesters.  

Looking ahead, we have two more sprints after the 432 one on Wed.   The microwave sprint uses bands from 900 and 1296 MHz, right on up thru 10 gig and beyond.   That sprint is on Sat. morning, May 1st, from 6am-1pm your local time.   If you know microwavers or have the gear, get on and get involved.  
On Sat. evening, May 8th, we have the 50 MHz or 6 meter sprint.   This one is from 2300Z-0300Z, or 6pm-10pm in the central time zone.   6m was open a bit this weekend, and this will only improve as we head into May, June and July.

One Response to “432/440 MHz Sprint This Wednesday”

  1. Michael Drake Says:

    Had a nice Rove this evening, with pictures of my setup! Would like to send them to you. Only managed 8 Q’s between the 2 grids I worked (FN12XV and FN22DW). The farthest I worked was a CT station: WZ1V 270 KM….not bad for a modest setup like mine.