7 check-ins tonight on 146.430 FM net

   Tonight, with very average conditions, we heard from:
   KM4G, KC9ISU, WD9ITJ, WB9TFH, KC9PQF, W9GA and new check-in KB9VUP.  
   KB9VUP is Todd near Oakfield, just a bit SSW of Fond du Lac.   Nice signal from a good QTH that has a nice horizon to the east.   He heard about us via the WI-Ham email list.   Good to know what works. 
   Want everyone to know that Ozaukee Radio Club has their hamfest this Sat., May 1st, at CircleB Recreation Center.   CircleB is located just west of Grafton, right on Hwy. 60.   Doors open at 8am.   This is a good swapfest with lots of tables and at least a few hundred guys passing thru.

One Response to “7 check-ins tonight on 146.430 FM net”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hi Todd and readers..

    That WI-HAM list gets out to some of our VHF crowd. Scored atleast 2 now. Had 9 checkins on the LaCrosse FM net tonight
    anyone reading and in the area it’s on 146.46 simplex ofcourse on
    Thursdays 8:30 PM CST.

    Hope hear you on the air.