Bumping 432 Sprint Info — Wed. night, April 28th, 7-11pm

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    Want this 432 Sprint announcement to stay near the top — here’s the link http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2512

One Response to “Bumping 432 Sprint Info — Wed. night, April 28th, 7-11pm”

  1. Darin KB9WZJ Says:

    First off I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to participate in the SPRINT. It takes a ton of time, money and patients to work weak signal VHF/UHF. Now is a good time to thank the YLs and XYLs some of us have that put up with our radio obsession.
    On 432 I have a mediocre station at best. I’d like to run my FT-101 and FTV-901R transverter there, but it only drives my TE4412G to 72 watts on cw, and maybe 60 on phone. So, I use my FT-847, the TE4412G (105 watts), 65 feet of 7/8s Heliax to a M2 432-9WL antenna at a whopping 24 feet. To say I am vertically challenged is an understatement. I need a decent tower, soon.
    Tonight was like pulling teeth to get Qs. there simply was not that many in my range, and no one in my area locally at all. At the beginning, I found K8MD EN82 (240 miles). He had a decent signal in here with a little QSB. I thought, cool, this will be fun.
    Next was W9RM in EN52 ( 197 miles), need I say he was loud? He has stellar audio in contests. He really knows how to use his processor. Unfortunately he was 30 minutes into the contest for me. thirteen minutes later, I found W9GA EN52 on .098. Ken had a great signal, again I thought, maybe this won’t be so hard. I then heard K9EA in EN71. He was working some one on .102 for nearly ten minutes. I was patient and waited until they were done, I could not hear who he was working, only that he said he was going to look to Chicago. He signed and just like that turned his antenna and I didn’t get to work him. He is only 122 miles from me. I am sure we could have worked.
    Two hours later, I got to run with Phil, N0PB in EM39. he was not there at first, but quickly built up to 3×2 and we completed. He was my best DX at 305 miles. In the last minutes for me, I got the honor to work Todd – KC9BQA after trying two or three times earlier. One time I got confused and was pointed at EM29 instead of to EM53! He peaked at 4×2, but we did it. Todd was second farthest for me at 278 miles.
    After the contest, and things settled down (?) here, I managed to work Todd – N4QWZ in EM66 for 230 miles. I would have liked to get him 46 minutes earlier. In the on4kst chat room, I joked about W4ZRZ being on the band. Jimmy is loud and has a killer signal on 432. But alas, he was no where to be found. Even with my low antenna, I think the band was like my station on 432. Mediocre at best.
    I look forward to this years E-skip, Aurora, and Tropo. It will be fun. I know I have had a great pleasure in working each and everyone you, especially the guys from the chat room. It is such a valuable tool. live scheduling was never easier. Nothing like a horrible band, but a chance to say hello to everyone of the regulars. Thanks to everyone for being there – 73.