Here’s the Wed. 144 SSB net plans

    WB9LYH will do the 144.240 long-range net tomorrow night, but only from 0000-0100Z.   He’ll start out looking east as usual from EN54cl, at 7pm central/8pm eastern.   Then he’ll go clockwise, ending up north by 0100Z, or 8pm central.    All are welcome to listen along or check in.   
    Many use the IARU Region 2 144/432 chat to follow the activity.   I will be mostly focused on the 432 sprint, but I will be in the chat.   If others will  post who WB9LYH is working, and where he’s pointing, it will help.  
    A great reason to use chat is to create your own activity on 144.230 and lower.   We know several dozen guys are on every Wed. night, so look around and do your own CQ’ing in various directions.  Please remember that this chat is free, no BS, and easy to use.   It’s open for all USA/VE hams who enjoy V/UHF, and it’s open every day.   Spread the word.

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