KC9BQA 432 Sprint Report, 28 Q’s/15 Grids — 6956 Kilometers is my Distance Score

   I’d say the bands were slightly below average — at best.   But still, some goodies were out there, if you turned the beams, called CQ a lot and also listened carefully to what others were working.   
   The Sprint sponsor is now K9JK.   Both John and WB8BZK Mike have been roving the EN52/62/51/61 corner on the NW side of Chicago for the first 3 sprints.   Worked them multiple times for 25% of my Q total.   Thanks John and Mike, and also thanks to K9GY Eric, who has been portable on a rooftop parking lot in EN62ba.
    Had a few DX highlights last night.   N0IRS in EM29se was easily the farthest, at 730km.   Thanks for all you do, JD.   I imagine everyone knows about his fantastic club and website by now, but if you don’t — you want to visit www.kcvhfgridbandits.com.   Trust me on that.   Oh, and when you visit, be prepared to lose yourself for hours.   🙂   
   A few other fun contacts were working WB0YWW in EN22uk (our first Q on 432) and KB9WZJ toward the end in EM69tr.   Glad to work KB0PE in EM49ua.   Dave was out portable, with 14 els and 150w.   He was S3 on peaks, over a 545 kilometer path.   Impressive.   Zach W9SZ also went out and he was S5 on peaks from EN50ue.   
   I’ll type in the full log a bit later when I have time.
   AB8GL     EN62vg   209km           KF8QL    EN72fu   214km         W9GA     EN53we    48km
   K9GY      EN62ba   176                WB9TFH  EN53xa  66              W9KHH   EN63ah     32
   N9NFB    EN53ua    66                 N0IRS    EM29se   730             W0VB      EN34qb   373
   K9MU     EN44ht    302               W9SZ      EN50ue   388            N0PB      EM39wo   564
   WB8BZK/R EN62ad  162              NT9E      EN52vi    140             W9RM    EN52rb    178
  KB0PE/P  EM49ua  545             WB8BZK/R EN51xx  181              N9TF     EN52xg     148        
  K0PG     EN61au     194               K9JK/R    EN61ax    181             K9JK/R   EN62aa  176     
  WB8BZK/R EN61ax  181              WB0YWW EN22uk  532             KB9WZJ  EM69tr    450
   WO9S    EN61et    201               WV9E     EN43jv   176              WB8BZK/R EN52xa  181
   K9JK/R   EN52xd  162

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