222 Tuesday Announcement

     By now, nearly everyone that reads along knows about 222 Tuesday.   For those who may be new to the site, here’s a link to get you up to speed with 222 MHz Tuesdays.   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2374

     The way I’ve heard it from long-time V/UHF veterans is that Monday was always 2m night, Tuesday was for 222 and Wednesday for 432.  
     I know for years K8TQK and K4TO hosted long-range 222 activity from S OH/KY every Tuesday.   Now last fall, I heard from N8WNA and KC8QAE that they were hosting 222 activity again in the MI/OH area.   We know each other, so  I asked them if they’d mind publicity, they said, “go ahead” and that’s how we’ve gotten here.   

     222 MHz is a great band with better propagation, watt-for-watt, than 144.   Usually less noise, as well.   The downfall is it’s clearly the least-active V/UHF band, out of the top 4.   (Talking 144, 50, then 432 a distant 3rd)  So please give 222 Tuesdays some attention, and consider adding this band, or at least stirring up some locals on 223.500 FM simplex.

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