WB9LYH 144.240 Net Report — 11 check-ins

    Mark sent me an email summary about the net last night.   I wasn’t monitoring 144.240 as I was paying full attention to the 432 Spring Sprint.   Here’s what I got from WB9LYH:

   “Todd,  11 checkins tonite.  AB8GL, W9YZU, WD9IVD in em58, WB9PNU, WA9BNZ, W0FY, W0FAY, N0IRS, WV9E, KC0SJ, W0HXL.  Signals to Michigan were strong, to the south very up and down, and good to the southwest as usual.”

    What I see there is 3 check-ins from the St. Louis region — WD9IVD, WB9PNU and W0FY.   This is great progress.   
    Nice to see Omaha region represented again by W0HXL.

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