144.240 Wed. Night Net Info

    Here’s what I know about the Wed. long-range 144.240 net, as of 11am today:
    1)   WB9LYH will be out of town on business so he cannot take the net.
    2)   I’m having antenna work done tomorrow.   Fingers crossed big-time that some problems can be taken care of and KC9BQA will be back up to par.    Then I would take the net tomorrow night.
    3)   I won’t know until probably tomorrow afternoon how the work is going.   Once I know I’m A-OK, we’ll get the word up here on this website, and get the emails sent out so everyone knows what’s going on.  

    I want to take the net tomorrow night, but won’t know until later tomorrow.  
    Remember if we do have the net, that the new start time is 0100Z/8pm central/9pm eastern.

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