146.430 FM Simplex Net — 8 check-ins

   Had a nice group tonight, with 2 solid Sauk Co. check-ins.    It’s 8:45pm and N9TRY from Portage is trying to find out if anyone is on from the La Crosse area on 146.460.  
   146.430 check-ins at 8pm were:   KC9ISU Newburg;  N9LAD Oak Creek;  KG9FC Milwaukee;  WB9TFH West Allis;  K9FI Brookfield;  N9UDO Baraboo;  N9TRY Portage;  WD9ITJ Sussex.
   Conditions were a bit unstable tonight.   Almost sounded like the band was trying to open up a bit.   Both ‘UDO and ‘TRY were S3-S5 from Sauk Co.

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