146.430 Simplex Net Report — I Now Have 10 el FM Beam up 75′ and Rotatable a Full 360.

   Had 2 check-ins tonight.   KC9ISU from Newburg and KC9KPV from Germantown.   Good signals as expected because they’re local.   I was ready to unleash my pleasant surprise tonight, but had no DX-type check-ins to work with.  
   What I’m talking about is yesterday, we got a 10 el vertical beam up at the 75′ level where it will now rotate a full 360 degrees.    I know it gets out pretty well plus I know it has some front to back because I was playing around with it this morning, seeing what it can do.  
   Had a strong 145.29 machine from Antioch, IL on the omni, then when I started rotating the new vertical beam away from that strong signal, I was able to copy another repeater on 145.29 in MI.   That was nifty.   It was also good to hear a Lansing, MI repeater on 145.39, at the S7 level.   That’s a good haul, so I expect I’ll get out 100+ miles to decent home stations *IF* they get on, and play radio on Thur. nights 
   This beam will also be nice for working new counties with the WIVUCH program.   (WI VHF/UHF County Hunters Award — see www.wivuch.com for details).   Let’s face it — there’s more guys on FM simplex than there are on SSB, overall.   Yes, I get out way farther on SSB, but outside of contests and band openings, the activity is sparse. 

   It’s 8:45pm and I’m pointed west toward WV9E’s 146.460 net.   I’ve heard a signal or two just start breaking thru the noise, but nothing copyable.
   Also sounds like 6m is trying to open up a little bit.   Heard N9LB near Madison work someone in DM64, New Mexico.  

   Anyone who has ideas for how to proceed with Thursday nights now that I have this beam, plus anyone who’s DX and would like to check in, use the comment feature here or email me.    We’ve gotta get things perked up — nets have really tailed off the past 4-6 weeks.

One Response to “146.430 Simplex Net Report — I Now Have 10 el FM Beam up 75′ and Rotatable a Full 360.”

  1. Tom Says:

    Hi Todd,

    Bummer that I missed you and your new toy! I was gone last night to our Columbia Co. ARES meeting with Rich (KC9FNM).

    Email me when you are around the radio and we can check it out otherwise…I am planning on being there next Thursday.

    You and the ham bands have been on my mind a lot. Recently I ordered my antenna switch for my dual polarity antenna and yesterday I just received my rotor. So…I should be all set to go. I will start putting this antenna together in my spare time (ya…right…but I will make time) and get moving on this. I am hoping to stir some activity in the center of the state on 2 meter FM and SSB.

    I am already dreaming of my next project and I don’t have the first done! Sure been thinking of the 6 meter band! Instead of doing the tower thing which would take me a long time…I am thinking on using this as a rover antenna. Set it up on a high spot….and then talk out of the vehicle. Just a lot of brain storming yet. Can you here the THUNDER????

    Also one last thing….Steve mentioned that he was going to put your video on YellowThunder.org but I have not seen it yet. Will keep looking!

    Tom, N9TRY