222 Tuesday is *ON* every Tuesday

    Just got thru sending out email in many directions announcing 222 Tuesday.  
    I won’t BS anyone  — this 222 Tuesday has really died off the past few months.   I hope I’m not supposed to be the sole focus, because I’m frequently unavailable Tuesday nights.   I know there are at least a few guys who have been diligent almost every Tuesday and I appreciate them.   But honestly, without several dozen guys on in a multi-state area, it’s not much fun.   If anyone has suggestions about how to perk up 222 Tuesdays, I’m all ears.     
    The good news is consistently warmer weather with more humidity is on the way.   We should start seeing improved conditions, which may get more guys on the air.

One Response to “222 Tuesday is *ON* every Tuesday”

  1. Dave Says:

    I think the net suffers from lack of operators on the band and secondly from those that have the band not being able to hear any
    activity after calling CQ several times makes it clear that this is not
    a popular night at the very least. Ofcourse, from my area the vast
    majority of 222 ops are FM only and no directional antennas.
    Solutions? I have only one. We will all have to be more proactive in
    our conversations w/ the ham community at large to make this more
    popular. Perhaps others besides the usual suspects can send out some mail on the subject??


    Dave, WV9E (EN43jv)