6m and 144 and Up Beacon Listings

   Don’t think I’ve posted these links in a while, but save them.
   http://www.keele.ac.uk/depts/por/50.htm  is 6m beacons, worldwide.   The USA ones are from 50.060-50.080 and many times, you’ll hear those beacons as the band is opening, before anyone is actually calling CQ.   Also stay aware of the various VE beacons below 50.060.   Many VE locations are workable in good 6m openings, if you look their way.    Of course, you have the very active 6m chat at www.on4kst.com.   (IARU Region 2 50MHz room)
   Beacons for 144, 222, 432 MHz and up are at:    http://www.newsvhf.com/beacons2.html
   Sorry to say the WD9BGA beacon on 144.297 just WSW of Madison has been down for several months.   Too bad, that was a great beacon.   The WA9HCZ one in La Crosse on 144.290 is still on, heard it lightly this morning.  
   If guys will send a comment to the website with beacons they are hearing, I’d appreciate it.

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