Keep Up to Date with Hepburn Tropo Forecast Map

    Looks like we might bag our first extended period of enhanced band conditions since mid-January.   The Hepburn Forecast Tropo Maps look very nice for Saturday thru Tuesday.
    Those maps update every day about 1800Z/1pm central.   Pays to compare the forecast trends over time.  Those maps are mostly concerned with prop on 144 MHz and up.   But yes, sometimes 6m can be enhanced via tropo, as well.  
    Now that we’re into mid-late May, you want to be monitoring 6m, because E skip season is starting up.     Google “sporadic E skip” and learn for yourself.   But E skip isn’t really weather dependent — it takes place in the ionosphere, above where our weather happens.    Peak season is late May to early August, especially June and July.   There can also be a secondary peak in Dec/Jan.

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