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Also 144.220 Q5 net from Chicago every Thur — 0000Z/7pm Central

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

   There’s a friendly, active net with good range every Thursday on the SSB side of 2m.   Look toward N9JBW in EN61, south side of Chicago, starting at 7pm central.   I believe he looks east to start, and then swings beams counter-clockwise, going N, then W, then S.    I know he’s worked out to Central IA and W WI with this net, so see if you can hear him.  
   I’m not aware of any active, well-publicized nets within a few hundred miles of S WI on Fridays or Saturdays.   If you know of any, please share the details.    If you’re looking for Sunday evening activity, there’s plenty.   Look down this page for my May 9th post.

146.430 FM Net *ON* tonight — 8pm. 146.460 out of La Crosse needs a helper tonight at 8:30pm

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

     Unless we have some unforseen last minute lightning, I’m *ON* with the 146.430 FM Simplex net tonight at 8pm.   All are welcome; the purpose is to stir up more activity on less-used portions of 2m.    I’m located 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  I’m omni-only on FM, with 150w and a vertical up 90′.  

     Dave WV9E is not available tonight for his 146.460 FM net out of Onalaska (north side of La Crosse) at 8:30pm.    He’s already put the word out in his area, but in case someone reading this doesn’t know, Dave would appreciate anyone else making a few calls on 146.460 at 8:30pm.   I know Dave, and I know he’s not worried about the specific format — it’s way more about creating activity.   Hope someone pitches in and helps start something.  

     In fact, I know both of us would enjoy more FM simplex activity start up in other parts of WI.    Having more FM activity on Thursdays from NW, Central or NE WI would be a huge boost.   A benefit from this would be that once we start having warm summer evenings with bettter band conditions, you’ll notice nights where you can hear those guys 50, 70 or 100 miles away.  
     If you have a decent FM station (good QTH, high vertical antenna or better yet a vertical beam), think about getting involved.   I would be happy to help you learn more — no obligation.    Contact me and we can brainstorm.   
     Spread this info to different clubs, or guys you know have strong 2m stations.

Welcome to ARRL Contest Update Visitors

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

   I’ve had the busiest day ever on this website, by far.   Want to thank N0AX Ward for making the VHF Contesting School Articles so visible via the ARRL Contest Update that went out at midnight last night.    What a pleasant surprise.   This publicity is good because it will increase VHF/UHF awareness.   I’ve gotten numerous emails today from hams who are very pleased with the VHF/UHF contesting information.   Thanks — nice to know I’m doing something beneficial.   🙂  

   I hope many of you poke around, and see the variety of things we’re doing here in the Midwest/Great Lakes to improve overall activity levels.   I especially want to call your attention to the real-time V/UHF chat room at    Several of us worked with room owner ON4KST to get a USA/VE/XE chat room for 144 MHz and Up.   Back in March, this became a reality.   Having real-time V/UHF chat is a great aid to creating more activity.   I hope you will register for the chat and then start using it.  

   This is the same free, no-BS chat that several thousand 6 meter enthusiasts have been using for years.   That 6m chat is how I learned at least 50% of what I know about V/UHF.  

    6 simple steps for getting signed up to VHF/UHF chat rooms are at:   Once the bands start opening up, you’ll see how useful this room is.   Enjoy.

144 Nets are *OFF* Tonight — Wed. May 12th

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

    I’m calling the nets off for tonight.   T-storms and wind are forecast across a wide area of the Midwest tonight.   Plus, a lot of guys are traveling to Dayton.   It’s a recipe for a dead night, in my opinion.   So WB9LYH and I will be back at it next Wed. — May 19th.   
    REMEMBER NEW TIME NEXT WEEK — 144.240 starts an hour later for the summer.   WB9LYH in EN54cl will be start the long-range net by calling east (as usual) toward MI and beyond at 0100Z or 9pm eastern.   He then goes slowly clockwise, ending the net by looking north into U.P. of MI and VE-land by about 0210-0230.   

    It would be great tonight if all of you would make 144.240 come alive tonight.   You know dozens will be around, so don’t worry about a net control, or a formal procedure.   Just grab the mic, call CQ and see what happens.
    I imagine there will be quite a few using chat, so take advantage of that.

144.155 SSB Breakfast Roundtable Every Morning 1230Z

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

    I admit I’m not on the radios much in the morning.   That’s work time for me, but anyway, there is activity here in SE WI that’s been on the air in the mornings for years.   Help spread the word about this daily activity.     
    “Breakfast roundtable”, Mornings at 7:30 a.m. (Central Time) on 144.155 MHz USB
    The daily 144.155 breakfast roundtable is hosted by N9NDP Harvey.   Harvey has a good signal out of Kenosha, WI, EN62.   He’s in extreme SE WI.  

    Now that we have warmer weather, the propagation is usually very good in the morning hours.   You might be pleasantly surprised with the signals on 144.155.

222 Tuesday *ON* Every Tuesday

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

   By now, nearly everyone here has heard about 222 Tuesday.   If you have not, here’s two links with info.   Please spread the word about 222 Tuesday to everyone in USA/VE.   This great band needs our support.
   This first link is basic 222 Tuesday info
   The 2nd link goes into the history of 222 Tuesday — how it got started, etc.

2m and 6m Activity Every Tuesday out of Kalamazoo, MI

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

     Besides 222 Tuesdays, there’s activity on 2m and 6m out of the Kalamazoo, MI area every Tuesday.   Kalamazoo is in the SW corner of Lower MI, and the SW corner of grid square EN72.    Here’s the link to the Kalamazoo activity.   Note that two of these activities run in AM mode.   So if AM is your thing, here’s your chance.

Monday Night Activity — 144.250 and 432.100

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

   I should have had this up last night, but I got wrapped up in other things.  
   Regular visitors know about these nets, but I do like to remind new folks, too.

   Visit this link for a short description of two Monday night activities with great range.

Many V/UHF Options on Sundays in Upper Midwest

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

   Here’s a link to the known Sunday night activity:
   Multiple things going on, so visit the link and get involved.

KC9BQA 6m Sprint Report — 34 Q’s/19 Grids

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

   Last night’s 50 MHz sprint was a struggle.   It was cold (we had 33F here this morning) and prop was pretty poor.   A few guys worked one or two DX stations on MS bursts, but no sporadic Es were really present.   Activity was pretty good, but I was hoping for better.   I know a lot of guys who have 6m within a few hundred miles, and not that many chose to get on.   My noise level was fairly high, especially to the west and east.   My ears were hurting after a few hours.  
   Here’s the log, with distances in kilometers — per the distance-based scoring that was implemented for this year’s Spring Sprints.   
K0SIX      EN35dj      499         KA0RYT      EN34qb      379           WV9E      EN43jv      264
K2DRH     EN41vr     278          K9KL         EN64ck        94             W9GA     EN53we    48
N9LB        EN52hv     139       KA0PQW     EN33iu       431             W9RM      EN52rb     178
WB9TFH   EN53xa     65         AB9QH       EN62aa       176            WO9S       EN61et      201
N9VN       EN52vi      140         K9JCZ       EN53ss        44             K9JK/R      EN51wx     181
K8MD      EN82bq      347        N8IEZ       EN82mm     425            N8CJK      EN84gg      369
N8HTV     EN82mm    425       WB8TGY   EN72pp      285            ND9Z        EN54ug       79
K0MN      EN44ng      241         NT9E        EN52vi       140           KB9WZJ     EM69tr     450
WZ8D       EM89bi      582         K9JK/R    EN61ax      181           WB9WOZ    EN61as      204
K9CT       EN50bq      361        KC9AOV    EN52lt      124            K9JK/R      EN52xa      176
N9NDP    EN62bn     116         KC9KCR     EN52ni     158            N9XRO      EN53st        47
KA9FOX   EN43ks     256

   Had a few close calls — W9HQ in EN43, N8WNA in EN82 and K0GUV in EN26.   Sorry for my QRN levels; we’d have made it no problem if the band was quieter.   Called NW, N and NE frequently, heard nobody in EN36/37, nobody past K9KL and ND9Z in east-central WI, and nobody in N Lower MI.   Looked SW some and heard nobody in IA or MO.  

   Some highlights:   Kudos to K9JK John for sponsoring these sprints the past two years.   Also kudos to him for roving all the Sprints, and WB8BZK Mike for roving all but 50 MHz.   You guys really get the Chicago area motivated and many of us benefit from that.   The same thing should be done from Milwaukee’s 4-grid intersection at 70th and Lincoln, in West Allis.   (EN52/62/63/53)  
   Best DX was WZ8D in EM89 at 582km.   He was loud, besides.   Must have a great 6m station.   KA0RYT was very loud from EN34 with a KW   (believe he was at W0VB’s station).   W9RM was really having fun.    Jay said he had 54 Q’s, with plenty of good CW, and 5 long WSJT M/S Q’s.    N8IEZ was nice and loud from EN82 — Detroit area.   KA9FOX took a little time to get on the last half hour, and man was he loud.   I couldn’t totally null him out, at 160 miles.   6 els up 110′ and about a KW there, Scott said.    
   The Spring Sprints are done.   The Fall Sprints will start up sometime in early October, same rotation as the Spring ones.   Meaning that 144 is on a Monday night; 222 on the following Tuesday; 432 the following Wed.; Microwaves on a Sat. morning and 6m the Sat. evening a week later.  

   Remember June 12-13th kicks off the active portion of the summer contest season.   ARRL June VHF QSO Party — all bands from 6 and 2m, right on up thru 222, 432 and uWaves up to 10 gig and beyond.   Don’t want to miss that one.  
The full summer contest calendar is at:   Print and save that.