Tower Work Underway — Fingers Crossed

    Still optimistic I’ll be able to call the net tonight at 0100Z/8pm central.   WB9LYH is unavailable tonight.   
    The big stick lift got here a little late, but it’s working FB now and we’re diagnosing my 144 stack at 100/110′.   So far, it looks like it’s a bad connector at the 100′ level.   Guy’s up there now with his Wiltron analyzer, and he’s putting a new connector on.    Also have 1296 and 2304 work to be done, but that 144 problem is Priority #1.  
    Weather’s perfect, praise the Lord.   No wind at all.   Stay tuned; I’ll update as I learn more.

    EDIT:  More problems with 144 (it’s now 12:30pm).   They got one yagi taken apart, and something about a problem perhaps with the power divider.   I shouted up, “Is it fatal?”   They shouted back, “Nope, we can fix it.”   Good.

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