11 Check-ins to 146.430 FM Net

    Had a nice net tonight.   Didn’t seem like conditions were enhanced, but did have good participation.   I’ll post the check-ins later — I’m looking around on 146.430 with the 10 element beam after the net (it’s 9:15pm) 
   9:45 — nothing found on 146.430, going SSW to NNE.   Did hear a fellow out in La Farge, Vernon Co. on 146.540, about S7, but didn’t feel like interrupting.   Still sort of looking around; I’m the curious type and I want to see what this 10 el vertical beam is capable of.  

   Our check-ins tonight were:
   KC9ISU, KM4G, WD9ITJ, N9NFB, K9VNM/m, W7FSS, KB9BJH, KB9VUP and W9GA all EN53.   KB9YXQ EN62 and KC9AOV EN52.

2 Responses to “11 Check-ins to 146.430 FM Net”

  1. Dave Says:

    Must be an 11 nite…. I had 11 in on the 146.46 net in LaCrosse area. One of these nites 2 will be open at the same time.
    Callsigns of checkins are at: http://www.wv9e.net/laxfmnet.htm.



  2. JD Says:

    From the “Black Hole” ?