144.240 SSB Net Called by WB9LYH is *ON* — Wed @0100Z

   WB9LYH is in EN54cl, or right in the middle of WI.   He starts out looking northeast, into the U.P. of MI at 0100Z/8pm central/9pm eastern.   From there, he moves clockwise with stacked 17B2’s and 500 watts.    He has 300-400 mile range under flat conditions.   St. Louis-area hams note that WB9LYH does QSY to 144.250 briefly when he calls toward STL.   This is to avoid local activity on 144.240 in the STL area.  

   We encourage net check-ins and any other 2m enthusiasts to look around on 144.230 and lower, in an effort to extend the activity farther away from WI.   The idea is to make Wed. night a “can’t-miss” event for 2m SSB across a wide part of the Central US.    This can be done if other stations call CQ and look around.

    We also encourage the use of the on4kst.com chat.   Choose the IARU Region 2 room for 144-432 MHz.   This chat is available anytime, but it comes alive mostly during evenings and band openings.   We’ve had good participation in there on Wed. nights for several months now.   Using this chat room helps you monitor who net control is working and which direction he’s pointing in.   Of course you can also use the chat to do  your own “looking around”.   Post which frequency and direction you are pointing in, along with who you’re hearing.

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