146.430 FM Simplex Net *ON* Thursday 8pm

    The 146.430 FM Simplex net is nearing 2 years of operation.   All the nets I’m involved with (or started) date back to late June/July of 2008 — save for 222 Tuesday, which was N8WNA and KC8QAE’s idea, dating back to Sept. 2009.  

     I’ve really enjoyed the FM simplex net.   I’m going to enjoy it even more now because of 2 things:  
    1)   WV9E has also started a similar net on 146.460 every Thursday at 8:30pm from Onalaska (La Crosse).   I hope that in time we can encourage other parts of WI to start FM simplex nets.    We already have statewide reach (easily) with WB9LYH and the 144.240 Wed. SSB net.   Now if we can get statewide reach via 4 or 5 FM nets, we’d really see activity expand.   There is a certain percentage of hams who will try a new mode, IF the payoff is there.   What’s the payoff?   It’s hearing signals you can work at least once a week.    Then when they experience the occasional band opening or hear how busy the bands are during a contest, they’re really hooked.  
    2)  I now have a rotatable 10 element beam for 146/147 FM and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well it gets out.   I look forward to the enhanced propagation we often have in summer and fall.    Guys who are outside of SE WI, if you want me to look your way, please email.   

     I imagine some weak-signal purists scoff at the notion of an FM net.   I’m a weak-signal guy, thru and thru, but I can tell you my experience has been very positive.    If I sat down and went thru my net logs from Week 1,  I could find at least 2-4 dozen guys who have tried or are now active on 2m SSB.    While this is not the primary goal of having an FM net, I’m not shy about mentioning band openings I’ve enjoyed on SSB and I always mention how much I enjoy the periodic V/UHF contests.    This website also helps because I can do educational-type posts that wouldn’t be practical on the air.   It all adds up over time.

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