Have You Heard of Central States VHF Society?

     I am a CSVHFS life member.   They even let a non-technical guy like me in.   It’s a strong group that goes back a long ways.   Many V/UHF pioneers formed the foundation of CSVHFS and the first conference was back in 1965.   You can go to www.csvhfs.org for detailed info.    Please consider joining CSVHFS as a member.

     The announcement below was written by one of this year’s organizers, WB9PNU John.   I’m happy to post it here, to raise awareness.   Please spread the word to any individuals or clubs you think would be interested.  My wife and I visited St. Louis last August for a vacation and we had a wonderful time.   I also missed out on a spectacular tropo opening that last several days, LOL.  
     Here’s is WB9PNU’s invitation to you, on behalf of the entire CSVHFS conference committee:

Central States VHF Society Conference, St. Louis, MO July 22nd to 24Th

The Central States VHF Society holds a Technical Conference once a year. The goal of the conference is to raise the technical level of amateurs by providing a forum for presenting technical papers relating to VHF, UHF, and Microwave, to provide a focal point for the discussion on operating practices and procedures, on exploration of modes such as EME, MS, FAI, E-skip, etc. and other topics that promote operation on Amateur bands above 50MHz.

The conference offers Antenna Ranges for testing your VHF thru Microwave Antenna, and also Noise Figure/Gain Measurements for your Preamps and Transverters.

Don’t miss the Friday Evening Flea Market, where you will find great bargains on goodies for VHF/UHF.

You can get all the Details at: http://www.csvhfs.org/conference/index.html

Mark your calendars and Register Early.

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