146.430 FM Simplex Net *ON* Thur — 8pm

     Weather forecasts say zero chance of thunderstorms for a change!    So I hope we’ll have a nice FM net on Thursday night.   All are welcome; this is a friendly, informal net.    Please spread the word in a wide circle —  we’re always looking for DX check-ins.  

      3 things to remember:      
     1)   WV9E has now hosted a 146.460 FM net at 8:30pm Thursdays from La Crosse area (EN43) for months.   His website is wv9e.net.  So the southern half of WI is covered.    As is SE MN and NE IA.   All are welcome. 
     2)   I would like to know about other SSB or FM simplex activity in other parts of WI.    VHF’ers are too isolated and when we increase activity and numbers, it has a wonderful effect.    I recently found out about a monthly simplex net on 146.580, out of Richland Center, every 3rd Saturday at 7pm.   I often wonder how many other things we don’t know about.   Central and Northern WI info is needed.   Please email me with any leads. 
     3)   I now have a 10 el vertical beam up 75′.   I know this gets out 100+ miles and I want to find new activity with it.   Help spread the word about this website and the weekly on-air nets/activity.   I am happy to point the beam a specific direction on Thursday if I get an email letting me know ahead of time.   There are surely dozens of hams in WI (and parts of nearby states) that are interested in DX on FM simplex (of course, SSB, too!).   If you are one of those hams or you know of someone who is, please pass the word along.    This website and my efforts are about making VHF/UHF connections.

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