222 Tuesday *ON* Every Tuesday

    I continue to receive email from 222 supporters.   The emails talk about new guys that have gotten on from states like MI, LA, TX, FL, OH and PA.   I can think of 4 new ones from WI, at least.  The emails also reinforce the idea that summer is very busy and many guys don’t have time to get on the air often.   So we’ll carry on and see if things improve greatly after Aug/Sept.    Thanks very much for 222 emails — they really help me get a feel for what’s going on in other parts of the country.  

    Hearing so many new guys adding 222 is great news.   With an under-used band like 222, it doesn’t take many new signals to make a big difference.     Another way 222 Tuesday could be perked up is with a few good VHF’ers going mobile or portable during Tuesday.   A unusual grid always creates a buzz.   The best way to do this is to let others (including me) know about it ahead of time, so it can be publicized.   I’d hate to see someone go out hilltopping and then not even have any “business”.  

     Another tip that increases activity:   Get on 222 with a buddy you can hear even if your beams aren’t pointed at each other.   Instead of burying each other with 40 over signals, turn your beams away from each other.   Chit-chat a little, but call CQ often.   Now you have two stations both making noise and calling CQ, and in various directions.   By the way, this is an excellent contest strategy, if you’re in an area with quiet bands.   

    222 Tuesday is a general USA/VE activity night.   No net control, no single area of focus.   It works well when guys get on, call CQ, swing beams and see who’s out there.    Most guys aren’t available until after sunset, so focus your efforts then for greater results.   
    Use 222.100 (and nearby, if your band is crowded) on SSB/CW, and if you can, try some calls on 223.500FM.   I know here in WI, several new ones on 222 came via 223.500 FM.  

    Feel free to spread this info everywhere.

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