Activity on Monday Night — 144.250 and 432.100

   Mondays are known for a strong 144.250 net out of EM39, N Central MO.   N0PB calls CQ, from 0045-0100Z with a pair of omni Big Wheels up high.   At 0100Z he switches over to a big yagi, and calls CQ starting to the S, then E, then N, then W.    Phil gets out a long ways, and gets plenty of check-ins — all are welcome.

   On Mondays, N4PZ has been hosting 432.100 activity for the past year or two, starting at 0100 — 8pm central.   N4PZ is about a half hour west/southwest of Rockford IL.    Has a very big signal on 432; when he peaks up his yagis on you, you’ll know it.   Steve has had up to 15-20 guys say hello on 432 on Mondays, across a wide area.
   Steve is actively seeking more check-ins to this 432.100 activity.   Please help support it and spread the word.   With his station, he truly has 300-500 mile range.

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