Enter Your August UHF Contest Plans Here

   Many of you who contest will remember back in June, that W0UC created a Google spreadsheet where guys could enter their contest plans.   It was a huge hit — upwards of 70-80 guys used the spreadsheet. 
   Well the Aug UHF contest is only 8 days away.   It runs from 1800Z on Sat. Aug 7th until 1800Z on Sun. Aug. 8th.  All bands from 222  and 432 MHz on up are in play.   The ARRL rules link  is:   http://www.arrl.org/august-uhf

    For this UHF contest, W0ZQ Jon has created a Google spreadsheet.   He’s let me know it’s OK to “spread the word” so today I’m sending this link out via the website, plus about a dozen email groups I have.    
    Few quick notes —
     1) I don’t know anything about Google spreadsheets.    I’m just the messenger.  
    2)   Note that this spreadsheet has tabs for rovers and fixed stations.  
    3)  If you’re from another part of the country and you want to see what Rovermania is, then click on http://www.nlrs.org/#AugUHF_Rover    Back about 2004, ARRL was leaning toward dropping the UHF contest.   NLRS (Northern Lights Radio Society) from Minnesota said “no way” and got to work.     Consider doing something similar if you want a more active and enjoyable contest.    The Rovermania story is a fascinating read, and was a huge motivator to me as I got started on weak-signal back in 2003-2004.

One Response to “Enter Your August UHF Contest Plans Here”

  1. Matt Holden K0BBC Says:

    Drove out to EN14 and EN24 yesterday. Didn’t make a single contact, but, had fun scouting out Sothwestern Minnesota. Good Pizza at PK Egan’s in Canby, MN.
    I’ve got a 4 element beam on 2m/70cm and battery powered FT-897. I’m going to try William May Park Rd, Winsted, McLeod, Minnesota 55395 Sunday to see if I can get a few contacts from there. Hope I EN24xw brings me better luck.