21 Check-Ins to 144.240 Net. W9FZ on 144.220 handed out 30-40 WIVUCH Contacts

9:45pm — I took 18 check-ins to 144.240 net tonight.   Actually 21, because I worked KA0KYZ, KA0PQW and WB0YWW just before the 8pm start.   Signals were very strong to the west at 8pm, and still good later.   Worked N0WJY in EN10, and I don’t get into Nebraska very often.    K0MHC in EN26 was a nice Q at 9:35pm.    Overall, at least 24-26 guys were involved with the net tonight — that I know of.   Plus probably others who don’t appear in on4kst.com chat.    The chat’s not for everyone; understand that.   But it absolutely can increase on-air activity, which is what it’s all about.  

    W9FZ/R is up and running on 144.220.   He got on from Outagamie Co. briefly at 9pm or so.   He activated Waupaca county and made multiple Q’s from about 9:15-9:45.   Now at 9:50pm, he’s going to travel to Waushara Co. by 10:10pm.   Again, this is on 144.220.   He may go a while tonight so get on and keep him going.   EDIT — 11:05pm.   I know of at least 9 guys who were working Bruce tonight as he activated Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago, Waushara Co’s — great turnout.    Bruce pulled the plug after a brief stint in Portage Co. at 11:35pm.  
    Visit www.wivuch.com for more info about this WI County Hunters on V/UHF award program.  

    Other highlights were KA0KYZ in EN33 calling NW on 144.240 about 8-8:15pm.   He worked N0UY in EN18, far NW MN, plus a few others.   We’ll be relying on ‘KYZ and his stacked beams more and more to find guys to his NW/W and SW.   Hope those guys will play along on Wed. nights.   Spread the word, spread the word.  
    Also very pleased that KB0HH in EM06 (yep EM06) was able to work at least one EN10 station tonight.   So we are expanding the circle.
    My check-ins tonight were (7:50-8pm) KA0KYZ and KA0PQW EN33 and WB0YWW EN22.   All were S7 to S9+, which is above average.   They weren’t quite as strong later. 
    Also N8JDO EN62; KF8QL EN72; W9DZ EN61 — Alan’s first time to this net, I believe.   Very nice signal from Michigan City.  W9VW and N9CUE EM69 thru some storms.  NT9E, K9KEU and KC9AOV EN52;  W9GA, N9NFB, KC9HBO, WB9TFH, and WD9ITJ EN53;   WA9BNZ EN40;  N0WJY EN10; KG0SJ EN22; K0SIX EN35 and K0MHC EN26. 
I didn’t get to look Twin Cities until nearly 0230Z.   Then called several times toward EN36/37/47 but nobody heard.   Also heard a few syllables out of VE3KRP in EN58 after 0300.   Worked W9RPM and WV9E in EN43 toward 11:30pm, they were pretty loud, with some QSB.

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