KC9BQA Has 144.240 Long-Range Net Wed @0100Z

     WB9LYH is out of town this week, so I’m covering the 144.240 long-range net.   I have a 16 el KLM yagi on a 26′ boom, up 70′, with about 150w out from a good QTH.    I do pretty well and look forward to a nice turnout.   WB9LYH should be back in August and beyond.  

      If you need more info about this net, scroll down this page to the July 21st post.  

      As we get into August and September, we’re looking for “relay” or “helper” stations, as we intensify efforts to spread signals across many states.   Please email or contact us on the air or in on4kst.com chat for 144-432 MHz and let us know if you have even a mild interest.   We can take a few minutes to explain just what we’re trying to accomplish, and answer any questions.   I discuss this concept in more detail in that July 21st post.

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