Tropo Forecast Maps Look Promising This Weekend

   The Hepburn Forecast Tropo Maps predict nice things for Saturday night and especially into Sunday morning.  
   Although this is only a forecast, I’m optimistic because we had nice conditions later last night (Thursday).    I’m also optimistic because it’s getting toward August and September, when we tend to have a lot of our best openings.    This is the time of year where it pays to either stay up late, or get up early, to take advantage of tropo.   And if you ever have a day where you’re hearing stations out 300-600 miles during the daytime, it may get even better as it gets dark.

2 Responses to “Tropo Forecast Maps Look Promising This Weekend”

  1. Tim Says:

    I take Mr. Hepburn’s forecast maps with a grain of salt, I’ve found to be marginally right about 25% of the time, and that’s a conservative estimate. I prefer to use this is a near real-time map, it refreshes every 5min. Check it out, you may prefer it too.


  2. kc9bqa Says:

    Hi Tim,

    Todd KC9BQA here. I usually mention the Hepburn Tropo maps and the APRS map together. In this post, I forgot to. I’m glad you shared your experience because those who DX the V/UHF bands via FM broadcast and DTV signals know a lot about propagation. If I weren’t a ham, and I still lived at this QTH, I’d probably put up a tower just for DX’ing FM broadcast. I come from far more of a monitoring background than an electronics one.
    Thanks and good DX’ing,