WIVUCH Counties I’ve Worked Past Two CQ WW VHF’s

   Took a little time to go thru my last two CQ WW VHF logs — July 2009 and 2010.   I was trying to get an idea of how many different WI counties I ran into on 6 and/or 2m in a contest weekend.   I realize I may have missed counties that were on for a short time, or were too far away to work.   I hope that others will share their own experiences.  
   If I took a lot of time and went thru my paper logs and net logs with a fine-tooth comb, I’d find 5-15 other counties.   But I’m just talking the past two July CQ VHF’s here:
   KC9BQA July 2009 CQ VHF Counties                                               July 2010
    Milwaukee                                                                                 Milwaukee
    Ozaukee                                                                                    Ozaukee
    Washington                                                                               Washington
    Waukesha                                                                                 Waukesha
    Kenosha                                                                                    Kenosha
    Fond du Lac                                                                               Fond du Lac
    Outagamie                                                                                 Outagamie
    Dane                                                                                         Dane
    Rock                                                                                         Rock
    Vernon                                                                                     Vernon
    Kewaunee                                                                                 Kewaunee
    Eau Claire                                                                                  Eau Claire
    La Crosse                                                                                  La Crosse
    That ends the counties I worked in both 2009 and 2010 CQ WW VHF.  
    Sheboygan                                                                                Wood
    Juneau                                                                                      Manitowoc
    Green                                                                                       Columbia
    Marquette                                                                                 Marathon
    Racine                                                                                       Dodge
    These last 4 in 2009 are guesses where rovers were:

    Combining these two lists, I come up with 28 different WI counties.  
    I encourage others to share their lists.   You can use the “comment” feature here.   I will also send this post to the Badger Contesters email reflector and get the ball rolling there.   
   We need to come up with a list of counties that tend to not have regular activity.   From there, we can better identify which Wisconsin counties are most wanted on weak-signal V/UHF.   Having that list will help rovers or hilltoppers decide which counties are more desirable to activate.

    EDIT — Friday 9am —    I knew I forgot something in this post.   I left out the callsigns and in my case, that was intentional.    If you want to know my reasoning, it’s spelled out in the “2 comments” related to this post.   Please click on the word “2 comments”.

2 Responses to “WIVUCH Counties I’ve Worked Past Two CQ WW VHF’s”

  1. W9RPM Says:

    AH, now for the callsigns of them. I am chomping at the bit. 73

  2. kc9bqa Says:

    Hi John,

    I deliberately left out the callsigns. I want to avoid several situations.
    1) Guys I ran into at random on the air suddenly getting email asking them for skeds from guys they’ve never heard of. Skeds are certainly not prohibited. But I want/hope that WIVUCH doesn’t become #2 …
    2) WIVUCH becomes a totally target-practice based activity. Especially at this early point when guys should be finding 20, 30 counties from being on the air, contributing to overall activity levels.
    3) Want to reduce the temptation for someone to think, “Ah, I see from KC9BQA’s info that AB9XYZ is in Florence Co. I think I’ll enter that guy on my WIVUCH entry form.” I’m not much of a paper chaser myself, but I’ve read some crazy stories about the extent guys go to on HF.