222 Tuesday *ON* Every Tuesday

    By now, nearly everyone here has heard about 222 Tuesday.   If you have not, here’s two links with info.   Please spread the word about 222 Tuesday to everyone in USA/VE.   This great band needs our support.
   This first link is basic 222 Tuesday info http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2523
   The 2nd link goes into the history of 222 Tuesday — how it got started, etc.   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2423

   We’re coming up on one year of 222 Tuesday.   It’s been very slow for a few months.   Many guys from different parts of the country have emailed me to say “Don’t worry, it’s just a summer thing.   Too many family obligations, summer trips, yardwork that needs to be done, etc.”   So we’re going to keep promoting 222 Tuesdays and hope it bounces back.   Lord knows the 144 nets have been going great so it’s time for the 222 stations to pick up the pace.  

    If you’re thinking, “Where’s KC9BQA and his 222?” I don’t blame you.   2 problems — 1) I’m frequently unavailable on Tuesday nights  2)  my 222 and 432 rotor has been frozen for some weeks.   Like I’ve said before, if I’m on for 222 Tuesday then you will find me in the on4kst.com VHF/UHF chat.   Use the IARU Region 2 room for 144-432 MHz.

    ALSO WANT TO REMIND GUYS — a great way to perk up 222 Tuesday is to take your rover or portable setup and go to a high spot or activate a tougher grid.   Advertise it ahead of time so ops know to look for you.   Consider taking along someone who might be interested in roving.   This way they can get a little experience, without a huge time commitment.   The ARRL Sept. VHF QSO Party is coming up — Sept. 11-12th, so this is the right time to get someone new involved.

3 Responses to “222 Tuesday *ON* Every Tuesday”

  1. Dave Says:

    222 is also for FM … if you have one of the multi band HT’s w/ 222 or a mobile give some calls, schedule the nite with someone you know to create activity.

  2. Chuck W4XP Says:

    I’ve been swapping rigs/transverters around all year! I will be on from FM18ew 223.5 MHz FM (25 Watts omnidirectional) and possibly 222.1 MHz (400 Watts 16-elements), if I make time to interface the DEMI xverter to my K3…

  3. Stephanie WX3K Says:

    Looking forward to trying some 222 weak signal from FN20 in the coming months. Working on getting my antenna on the tower.