ARRL Sept. VHF QSO Party is Sept. 11-12th

   Time to get the ball rolling with the next big contest.   The two biggest ones are the June ARRL and the Sept.   There’s already some exciting things going on and we’ll talk about those tomorrow, hopefully.   I’ll shoot a quick link that may motivate some to get on and do more.  
   And if you want to see how MidwestMania! was done in 2009, visit 

   Last year, W9FZ (a valued VHF/UHF elmer, great rover and the founder of Badger Contesters) decided he wanted to rove some unusual grids in Sept. to go for his reverse VUCC as a rover.   So since he was going to be in the Great Plains, he created a website and emailed a bunch of guys in his log to stir up more activity.   It worked and states like SD, NE, KS, IA, OK had above average participation.  
   Bruce is doing it again this year, so you Plains guys need to spread the word as widely as possible.   There’s still two weeks to improve antennas, replace bad coax, fix amps, pre-amps, whatever needs doing.    There’s also time to find a few guys who might do a bit of roving.   Doesn’t have to be a full-blown effort.   Even a 2 or 3-band rover can put a few local grids on and perk things up.   Then they just might be hooked for 2011 and beyond.  
   If you’re in the Dakotas south to Oklahoma and west to CO and east to MN, IA and MO, you want to be on board for MidwestMania! 2010.   Spend some time at that link above and then post your plans.

    Check back here tomorrow for expanded info about the contest, plus a link to my series of articles called VHF Contesting School.   A guy takes an hour to read those carefully and they’ll feel confident enough to pick up the mic and call “CQ Contest”.

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