Best Tropo Opening of the Summer Well Underway

    I’m celebrating our 27th anniversary for a few days.   Checking the laptop for a few minutes and it’s clear that a major tropo opening is underway.  Quick check of email, the 144 prop logger and the chat archives (use the “review” option under the main “menu” button) shows many 400-800 mile contacts being made.   N0IRS in Kansas City reported working W VA on 2m for a new all-time state.   Fellow in Winnipeg CA area is reporting plenty of interference to local 400 MHz comms from stations in ND and MN.   So don’t forget about those higher bands.   Often times tropo is better on higher bands — in good tropo openings it’s not uncommon to run into random activity on 222, 432 or even the microwave bands.     

    Conditions got good last night, and have stayed good even though it’s midday.   This bodes very well for tonight, and perhaps the next few days.    The guys who enjoy 10 gigging really have their fingers crossed as the first weekend of the 10 gig contest is this weekend.  

    I have to note with considerable irony that when we got away for our anniversary last year, that also coincided with a huge tropo opening.    Enjoy!    🙂

2 Responses to “Best Tropo Opening of the Summer Well Underway”

  1. Jon N0JK Says:

    Outstanding tropo to the north. Worked VE4KQ/VE4 on 2M April 22 from EM18. About 1,350 km — first time ever to hear or work a VE4 on tropo. The next day VE3KRP EN58 was loud to KS and OK on 2M and 70 cm. Worked South Dakota but missed north on this opening. Too bad the ND stations not around Sunday morning.

  2. Keith KA9RSL Says:

    Sunday morning, August 22 we had some excellent tropo. From northern Indiana I was working (and hearing more) stations in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, southeastern Colorado and northern Texas. Most contacts were 600 to 900 miles. at least one was over 1000 miles. 432 was also open, I heard quite a few stations but didn’t work many since I don’t have my large antennas up for that band now. They are down, getting them ready for the Sept VHF QSO party.

    Hope we get propagation like this for the contest. Look for us on Drummond Island, MI. EN86ea We will be operating on 6, 2 and 70 cm bands.