I Take 144.240 Long-Range Net Wed. Night — not WB9LYH. Plus More ND Activity is Planned.

     I’ll be updating this post later as more info arrives via email.  
    Here’s what I know at 5:30pm Tuesday:
    1)    I’m taking the 144.240 net, starting at 0100Z.   I start out looking N, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N.   Lately, we’ve been very busy so I imagine I won’t look west of WI or IL until at least 0130-45Z.  
    2)   I know that we’ll have activity from the DN grids of western North Dakota.   At this point, WB0OAJ plans on using a long yagi plus 1500 watts from DN86.   I’ve advised him to set up shop on 144.230.   I’m optimistic that K0HL will activate as well.    It’s entirely possible they would be on the air before 0100Z.   Or they might bounce between 144.200 and 144.230.  
    Like I said, I’ll update later when I know more.  
    My fingers are crossed we’ll have someone starting up from EN33 on 144.230 (yes .230) at 0100Z, looking S, SW, W, NW  and then N.    The purpose of this is two-fold:   1)   Not make the guys out west wait until 0145 or later to hear WB9LYH or myself on 144.240 and 2)  keep reaching stations that might not be able to work the WI net controls.  

     WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR SOMEONE IN MI, OH OR IN WHO IS WILLING TO SPREAD THE ACTIVITY FURTHER EAST AND SOUTHEAST.    Even if you’re “just curious” let’s talk about the possibilities.

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